“It will take you to somewhere you have never been before.”

SimWorks by Panaracer “THE HOMAGE” has excited so many cyclists through their adventurous minds.

SimWorks by Panaraver “THE HOMAGE” Green x Skin Side

Wheel Size : 700c (622) & 650b (584)
Tire Width : 43mm
Bead : Aramid
Compound : ZSG Natural Compound
Weight : 560g (700c) / 520g (650b)
Price : $ 58.00

This vivid Green x Skin Side coloring which you will never for get once you see it, but somehow it makes you feel nostalgic as well. When you attach this tire, it looks like your bike might stand out because of the color, but please try it out first, the color is considered to fit any bikes, so that you can play with it when you get bored with only black tires everyday.

SimWorks by Panaracer “THE HOMAGE” Black x Brown

Wheel Size : 700c (622) & 650b (584)
Tire Width : 43mm
Bead : Aramid
Compound : ZSG Natural Compound
Weight : 550g (700c) / 520g (650b)
Casing : Anti Flat Casing
Price : $ 65.00

This is a standard color of Panaracer and we decided to use that to our HOMAGE as well. This is a blowout proof tire by adopting anti-flat casing from ‘Gravel King’ and it also prevents side cutting and pinch flat. We assure that it will matches with any tougher ride for sure.

Once you start using this tire, it doesn’t matter if you are On-road and Off-road since it is all terrain tire. As the matter of fact, we were able to use this tire fully and recognize its the best function ever on our “Builders Do Fuji 2016”.

From “Sucide Forest” to volcano area, even though it was Off-road, but it has so many different surfaces. However, any type of terrains won’t stop us at all, so that we were able to ride on the place that we have never been before.

We hope that everybody who loves exploring and adventure will use this tire and go to the places you have never been before!