Boneshaker #19

There’s magic in these pages. Mysterious carvings in ancient chalk hills, the alchemy of the frame-builder’s fire, wild boys and wild girls slipping down forgotten paths and surrendering to the mystic moon. Inner demons are wrestled and exorcised as the pedals spin on. Our writers take on the Tour Divide, pitch primitive tents in Normandy, chase heroic racers through Sri Lanka’s shimmering heat. We celebrate the cargo bike, the muddy bike, the radiator bike – and the next generation of riders marking magic miles of their own.

Welcome to issue 19!!

boneshaker magazine issue 19

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Cover artwork :illustrated by Ellen Schofield
Description :100 pages, carefully printed in Bristol with vegetable inks on thick, uncoated Challenger offset paper, perfect binding, and with a foil-blocked cover printing, this time in gloss gold. It even smells good.
Price(tax not included) :¥1,600

boneshaker magazine issue 19


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